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Figure App for iPad coming fall 2020.

Design-driven technology that elevates every step of the sales experience.

Figure POS App for iPhone & iPad. Now in Private Beta.

Advancing wine commerce.

We combine design expertise with the leading edge of technology to bring the wine industry’s warmth and hospitality to a user-centered sales experience.

With branded paths to purchase, allocations and club memberships, point of sale, robust email marketing integration, and other thoughtful features, Figure is an indispensable ally for building relationships with customers—both online and in person.

We’ve been fortunate to spend the last decade working with some of the wineries and retailers we most admire.

Our technology has been shaped by their businesses, and vice versa. Here are some of the clients who keep us on our toes:

Bedrock Wine Co.

Commerce Design Integration

With an average of 50 SKUs produced each year and a skyrocketing waiting list, Morgan Twain-Peterson and Chris Cottrell adopted Figure to help smooth out their dizzying offering process—for their own team as well as their customers. Now, they’re able to connect with people and sell wine from the office, the tasting room, or on the road.

Favorite features: Wish granting and allocation reporting

Aubert Wines

Commerce Custom Features

Mark and Teresa Aubert produce highly sought-after wines. They started using Figure to streamline their carefully managed biannual email campaigns. Their wines sell out rapidly via fast-paced first-come, first-served allocations to loyal members of their mailing list.

Favorite feature: On-demand offering support

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Commerce Design Integration Custom Features Strategic Engagement

The legendary wine retailer worked closely with Figure to introduce online sales to an audience accustomed to an iconic, but analog catalog ordering process. Launching simply, with limited products while they slowly grew their online experience, today the site offers more than 500 products and three well-subscribed club options. This thoughtful, measured approach has allowed a venerable brick and mortar company to attract and serve new customers while continuing to respect and reward existing clientele.

Favorite features: Flexible publishing and customized clubs

Kosta Browne Winery

Commerce Design Integration Custom Features Strategic Engagement

With one of the most successful direct-to-consumer wine programs in North America, Kosta Browne started using Figure in 2015 to meet the dynamic needs of their tightly controlled spring, fall, and recently introduced summer wine offerings. Kosta Browne members receive a guaranteed allocation and can “wish” for additional products (based on carefully managed list segmentation) as part of their personalized offering.

Favorite feature: Customized path-to-purchase

Mayacamas Vineyards

Commerce Design Integration

Seeking additional interest for their spring and fall allocations, Mayacamas deployed direct link email campaigns to allow customers to easily purchase Mayacamas wines through an email without logging in, greatly increasing their online sales. Since moving to Figure in 2018, their sales team has also taken advantage of club features to simplify and improve their onboarding experience and expand signup opportunities.

Favorite feature: Magic links


Commerce Modular Website

Master Sommelier Ian Cauble’s SommSelect is an online retailer of artisanal wines from around the world available via daily offers, an online wine shop, wine clubs, and concierge services. The SommSelect team aims to educate their ever-growing audience with great tasting notes, details, and stories for each and every wine they offer. Whether new to wine or a long-time collector, the experience educates and delights.

Favorite features: Website personalization and customer service

Occidental Wines


Steve Kistler and the Kistler family’s newest endeavor, limited production vineyard-driven Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the Freestone-Occidental area, is made available at the beginning of the year by allocation to mailing list members located around the world. After years of operating with a complex custom solution, Figure offered an opportunity to both streamline the administrative process and provide an elegant purchase experience for their customers.

Favorite feature: International orders

Maxem Wine

Commerce Modular Website

Winemaker Sam Kaplan and his wife Nancy share all duties and responsibilities of producing and selling their Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They needed an intuitive, cost-effective sales solution for their budding enterprise. Figure’s modular website option allows them to beautifully tell their story, build relationships with new members, and make wine available to their mailing list, scaling with them as they grow their winemaking dreams.

Favorite feature: Allocations

Last Bottle

Commerce Design Integration Custom Features

Last Bottle launched with Figure in 2011 to make wine buying easy and fun. The straightforward retail site features a one-wine-at-a-time flash sales model with personable writing and approachable photography. Today, they process thousands of transactions every day, including four marathon sales a year, and retain a loyal following by sticking to their original approach of keeping things simple. Building on this success, the founders launched First Bottle in 2019 to showcase hundreds of readily available wines.

Favorite feature: Scalability

Realm Cellars

Commerce Design Integration Custom Features Strategic Engagement

For some clients, status quo is not enough. Like other producers, Realm offers wines several times each year to mailing list members only. Looking to stand out from the crowd, the Realm team pays particular attention to their online interactions, and seeks to deliver a high-touch, personal experience for their customers. With well-thought-out presentation and messaging they deftly address the needs of an audience seeking highly sought-after wines in limited supply.

Favorite feature: Marketing automation

We built Figure for forward-thinking wineries and retailers who understand that commerce is multifaceted. Any single purchase is connected to an entire ecosystem of interactions.

We make the most of every opportunity, to create genuine connections that strengthen long-term relationships with customers.

Here’s how we do it:

Prioritize the customer’s experience of the brand.

Figure is designed for aesthetics and functionality in equal measure, because every customer interaction, no matter how small, adds up. Each purchase should be an enjoyable experience in and of itself, and it should feel akin to the rest of your brand. Your wine isn’t like anyone else’s, so your sales transactions should be representative of you and you alone.

Empower sellers and buyers.

Figure is built with the same intelligence and sophistication we see in our clients—and their customers. We’re firm believers that our software is only as good as it is helpful toward accomplishing real goals—whether that’s a customer placing an order or a salesperson exporting data. We’ve put a lot of effort into building a product that’s thoughtful, intuitive, and engaging by design, all in an effort to give more control to the people using it.

Think beyond the transaction.

Figure brings the best of new technologies to one of the world’s oldest industries to reimagine where the art of making wine meets the art of selling it. Our curiosity drives us to provide new ways for our clients to create meaningful experiences for their customers.

In the last twelve months, our clients have sold $169,440,000 in wine purchases through Figure.

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