Websites & Add-ons

If you have found yourself here, you already know a website is essential to your business. It should also be properly sized and tailored to your business, bigger is not always better. We created Modular Websites for wine businesses that want to preserve their brand identity, but may not need the scale and spend of a Custom Website. We’ve thought through the entire customer journey from homepage to receipt, as well as your entire workflow from sign-on to shipping. All you need to do is supply and enter the content, and we’ll help you get it all set up.

Pages included with Figure

Your Figure Onboarding fee includes everything you need to sell wine in whichever way is best for your business.

Open, Allocation, and Club  
Customer Account  
Sign Up, Sign In, and Welcome

Options for Modular Websites

Modular Websites are priced per-page (or core section) so that you can choose the pages/sections that make sense for your website and add more at any time. While we’ll always help you with the set-up, once you’re live you’ll be easily able to enter and manage your content through Figure CMS.

Basic Pages   $500 each
Advanced Pages   $1,000 each
Trade Resources   $1,000

Add-ons for Wine Retailers

We’ve built some great options geared towards amplifying the retail experience.

Advanced Product Filtering   $2,500
Flash Sales   $3,000

Custom Websites

Offset Custom Websites include bespoke design and functionality. Central to their development is an intensive collaborative process that helps distill and extend your values, brand, and story to the digital world. With keen attention to your operations and business goals in addition to your identity, our custom websites are strategically developed to support your sales and marketing efforts.

Please inquire with Offset   $50,000 - $150,000+